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In addition to some random things that seem to interest, inspire, amaze, make me giggle, and/or horrify me; this blog faithfully observes Fox Fridays and Caturdays! Also, music, the wonders of nature, orca, owls, various fandoms... and cute boys, of course. =]

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Diiv playing Doused live on Letterman. There’s a new interview with Cole here on stereogum

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gonevirile: Race Imboden by Thomas Knights


gonevirile: Race Imboden by Thomas Knights

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Patrick Tosani - Portraits (1985) - Color photographs & braille

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Shide - Kyoto, Japanby Kobalt

Shide - Kyoto, Japan

by Kobalt

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Cloud Nothings (at Neumos, Seattle, 3 July 2014)

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Sunrise at Mount Rainier

by Kobalt

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Stormy North by (fresch-energy)


Stormy North by (fresch-energy)

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Vancouver Summer Spaces: 2014 Edition



Photo: VPSN

Last summer, I highlighted the new (some temporary) public spaces that popped up in the city. Here are this year’s new public spaces in Vancouver. Enjoy them while the weather allows.

Urban Reef


Each summer, the 500 block of Robson Street (between Howe and Hornby…

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers (x)

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[ video ]


[ video ]

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