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Honey - Swim Deep

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Black Forest, Germany


Black Forest, Germany

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Orca Breach by chasedekker on Flickr.


Orca Breach by chasedekker on Flickr.

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The Front Bottoms - Flashlight [x]


The Front Bottoms - Flashlight [x]

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i like this but i don’t fully understand it…


you don’t understand how sad this is. each adult is a cross, and each child has been crucified by said cross. 

  • the priest (i assume he’s a priest, correct me if i’m wrong) killed the little boy in one way or another, probably rape, which is common among corrupted clergy men. 
  • the tourist comes to an overcrowded, poverty stricken country, taking up any and all resources that could have gone to the little native girl
  • the soldier comes to fight for his country, but ends up killing the innocent girl, probably in her village.
  • the little boy dies under the doctor’s knife
  • the man kills the little girl in a school shooting (represented with the uniform)
  • the “fat” kid is killed by obesity caused by a fast food epidemic in america, most commonly mcdonald’s, shown by ronald mcdonald himself. 

this is /haunting/ to look at. children can die at anyone’s hand. even the “heros”

Just to clarify that the little boy dying under the doctor’s knife is because the doctor is stealing his organs to sell in the black market, hence the cooler at their feet which alludes to keeping the organ alive and stable for selling. This is such a strong photo set, really induces a sense of disgust and sadness.

I cried a little

also, the little girl on the tourists back represents the huge child sex industry in south east Asia, popular among tourists

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Asa Butterfield + text posts [x]

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In a way, I started out like this old lady, and now I feel like my age is catching up with me. And I’m excited by all these new things for me to do. I feel like I have so much more to accomplish as an actress. I’d love to try theater and that’s a whole other thing. But when I finish my degree, I will have a lot more time to pursue other passions, and I want to figure out what those will be. I love having something completely unrelated to the film industry. I want to find something that will let me use my brain in another way. I like connecting people who aren’t part of that world too.

Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine

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Claude Monet Details; 22.4.14

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wordansinc:This little guy has made it to Victoria BC. Go check him out! @hitchBOT #wordanstshirt #tshirt #journey


This little guy has made it to Victoria BC. Go check him out! @hitchBOT #wordanstshirt #tshirt #journey

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(via Anna Walton)